How to deal with isolation in a manicure, we figured out, but the following problem: is it worth dyeing hair while sitting at home, or is it better to wait for the quarantine to end and sign up with your master? Colorists, as one, argue that amateur activity is useless here, even if we are talking about ordinary toning (and there is no need to talk about lightening). It is much better to use auxiliary means – sprays, concealers, mousses, conditioners – they do not harm the hair and at the same time are able to eliminate yellowness, copper shade, hide overgrown roots and even gray hair. Here are six treatments to help.

Toning Spray Concealer for Hair Retouch.Me, Kevin. Murphy

There are four concealers in the Retouch.Me series: from red to black. Good for emergency situations. If you really don’t want to show your coloration your colleagues that need urgent updating, and the soul requires perfection in the hair even during a trip to the store, we recommend this tool!

Stylist and hairdresser Tanya Shark says that the concealer can even tint gray hairs, giving them a light brown tint (exactly the same as on the lid):

“In principle, the shape of the bottle itself is very convenient: you can store it in a bag and use it at crucial moments. Shake, apply to the root zone and you’re done! For such an ambulance, the product has a good covering ability (about 60%)! “Do not be afraid of the concealer getting on the skin: it is painted in the same light brown color and due to this, the hair looks thicker in the root zone.”

The product is easily washed off with water and shampoo, but does not flow from rain and sweat.

On the package it is indicated that the concealer can be applied to the length, but Tanya does not advise doing this. Due to the coloring pigments in the composition, the hair will become stiff and naughty – the effect will turn out not quite natural.

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