When my mother was young, personal care came down to one simple rule: I use what is in the store. And in the early 90s there was nowhere to roam, if it was not about a shelf with semolina. So the beautiful half of humanity had to be chemical chemists, making a promenade in pharmacies and turning oatmeal into a face mask, and calcium chloride – into peeling. My mother also had to – she proudly handed me her beauty-hacks by inheritance, and the beautician comments on them.

Dimexide + solcoseryl instead of mesotherapy

This “couple” in the early 90s was a kind of alternative to mesotherms and a “destroyer” of wrinkles. It improves the regeneration of cells and tissues, reduces inflammation, heals microcracks, moisturizes and enhances blood circulation. In this case, Dimexide acts as a biological stimulant for the skin, increasing the functionality of the cells. And Solcoseryl does the rest. The scheme is simple. Mix a teaspoon of Dimexidum with ten teaspoons of water. Wash your face thoroughly and apply the resulting solution to the skin with a cotton pad. Let it soak a little. Apply a thick layer of Solcoseryl.

Keep such a mask for at least 4 hours. The face will burn a little and slightly pinch. After the procedure, the skin is soft, velvety, cleaner and healthier. Just do not forget that this beauty shop is not suitable for everyone – with an individual intolerance to drugs, you can’t make a mask. If there are traces of post-acne on the face, Solcoseryl can be replaced by Curiosin.

Vaseline + glycerin

Without a jar of baby Vaseline, I haven’t gone outside for a long time – it saves my lips from cracking in the winter and loss of moisture in the summer. If the skin is completely dry, a mask helps. First I make a light scrub with sugar and olive oil. Then I apply glycerin, let it soak, and then cover it with cosmetic or baby vaseline. The latter, by the way, copes with dry skin in the elbows and feet, and can also replace the highlighter if necessary, providing a slight glow in the cheekbone.

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