Kristen Stewart is no longer associated with Bella Swan from the Twilight films. She has long managed to declare herself as an actress of completely different roles. Stewart also likes to experiment with images, and her figure is always perfect. April 9, Kristen turns 30 years old, and we recall excerpts from her interview about nutrition, favorite products and beauty secrets.

1) Kristen Stewart admits that only a new role can make her go on a diet – then the actress refuses her favorite pies and switches to low-calorie foods rich in protein.

2) For fast food, the actress is indifferent and loves cabbage most of all. Kristen makes a smoothie almost every day from parsley, cabbage, flax seeds and apples – this drink is especially useful for hair and skin.

3) Stuart likes walking and push-ups – can do 40 at a time! When she needs to get in shape for the role, she does push-ups 20 times every half hour – such training helps her achieve results in just a month.

4) The actress pays great attention to the skin: she drinks a lot of water and thoroughly moisturizes her face with creams of natural brands – Dr. Hauschka and Dermalogica. In the morning and evening, Kristen applies SkinCeuticals serums – they are great for problem skin.

5) Kristen has oily skin by nature: Proactiv Solution brand products save her from rashes – for several years now, the actress has been using their three-stage care system.

6) In an interview, Kristen admitted that the idea of ​​plastic surgery scares her – the actress is pleased with her appearance and does not want to change anything. “You can consider me arrogant, but women who are fond of plastic have gone crazy!” she says.

7) Long brown hair has long been the hallmark of the actress, but the desire to experiment with appearance has gained the upper hand – in recent years, Kristen has often experimented with hair length and color.

8) The actress prefers Kérastase shampoos and conditioners, and for moisturizing she chooses Moroccanoil products – even short hair needs careful care.

9) Most often, Kristen can be seen with black nail polish. “I don’t like it when my nails sparkle,” the actress admits. Her favorite nail polish is Le Vernis Nail Color in Black Satin, Chanel.

10) In everyday life, the actress almost does not paint – instead of the tone, she prefers a moisturizer with a shade (Tinted Moisturizer, BareMinerals ’), but does not use lipstick at all. “Either red lipstick, or nothing!” – says Kristen.

11) Favorite star makeup for social events – smoky eyes. As a true fan of grunge style, the actress deliberately carelessly shades her pencil along the line of eyelash growth. Prefers black eyeliner Topshop.

12) However, most often the makeup artist Gillian Dempsey is responsible for her makeup. According to the actress, Gillian knows how to find an approach to everyone and always does something new.

13) Favorite fragrance of the actress – Florabotanica, Balenciaga, also Kristen is the face of Gabrielle, Chanel – she became the envoy of Chanel House back in 2013.

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