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Emma Watson’s facts you may not no

Emma Watson has long grown from the image of Hermione, and almost 20 years have passed since the time of Harry Potter. Now the actress has more than 20 film works, one of the last is the role in the film “Little Women”. April 15th Emma celebrates her 30th birthday, and we recall the most interesting beauty facts about her: what kind of sport she likes, whether she is on diets, how she takes care of her face and body, and many others.

1) In everyday life, Emma independently does makeup, prefers natural. In her arsenal – RMS Beauty concealer to hide skin imperfections, Jane Iredale liquid eyeliner and Perfect Pro mascara, DHC to emphasize the eyes. Watson also likes the cheek and lip tint Red Pomegranate Cheek and Lip Stain, The Body Shop.

2) The actress does not sit on strict diets and allows herself sweets. For health reasons, she refused fast food and became less likely to eat her favorite Italian pizza. The diet of the actress is a lot of vegetables and fruits.

3) Emma loves to play sports. Her workouts consist of cardio and strength training at least five times a week. The actress is not against boxing, as she told her subscribers. But the most important rule for maintaining a figure is activity. So, in an interview with American Vogue, the girl noted that she removed the sofa from the living room, replacing it with a ping-pong table. This helps to think less about how to lie down and do nothing.

4) Watson is a certified yoga teacher! She was fond of practice several years ago, to always be in harmony with herself and this world.

5) Her main rule in facial skin care is to always wash off makeup before going to bed. Emma has dry skin, so she tries to use delicate products. Among the favorites is Evolue Cleanser. After him, the actress has standard care – a tonic, a booster and a moisturizer. She uses an exfoliator once a week.

6) Watson is the owner of fair skin, so she always uses sunscreen. If it still burns out in the sun, then it applies MV Organic Energizing 9-Oil Skin Tonic to damaged areas.

7) If time permits, Emma loves to take a bath every day. She believes that the bath is a wonderful place in which a person always feels good. The actress likes to add various oils and sea salt to the bath.

8) Emma is a fan of natural cosmetics. She has been looking for quality and organic deodorant for a long time. After many trial and error, I found the perfect one – Agent Nateur No. 3.

9) The natural color of the star’s hair is red. Watson constantly dyes his hair and uses Sheer Silver shampoo and conditioner to maintain color. If a girl has an extra minute, then she always puts on a mask from the same series.

10) In 2010, the actress decided to radically change her image and made a short haircut. Then she admitted that she wanted to look older. It succeeded. True, then Emma grew her hair again, and now adheres to one length – just below her shoulders. And often collects hair in a ponytail or bun.

11) Emma does not like to waste time on manicures. For important events, Watson chooses varnishes in natural shades. They also say that she likes to do manicure for herself.

12) But with make-up for carpet, a celebrity is ready to experiment. Most often, she asks makeup artists to make only one emphasis – on the eyes or lips. But she always chooses unusual colors – for example, for centuries she likes lilac shades, and on her lips – burgundy lipsticks.

13) Since 2011, Emma has been the face of the fragrance Tresor Midnighr Rose, Lancome. In an interview, she said that she agreed to take part in the advertisement, because she really liked the smell. The main notes of perfume are rose, currant and raspberry.

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